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Joseph Wang

1118 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joseph Wang 1118 days ago
Joseph W Umbrella revolution - social media news
This pad is for links with social media news on the Umbrella revolution.  
FYI, I've been blogging very heavily on the umbrella revolution at http://bitquant.quora.com/ and answering questions on Quora about what is going on.  This is focused at explaining HK politics to an English speaking global audience.  
Also note this link
One thing that I have been doing is to track the news from Beijing and to see what their reaction is.  Right now it looks to me that there is a power struggle between Xi Jinping and  Jiang Zemin, and that Xi is winning and tends to be more favorable to umbrella.
I'd like to keep that link here, because I think it would be important to monitor Beijing's reaction, and to have an "early warning" if things start looking bad.
1118 days ago
1145 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joseph Wang 1145 days ago
Joseph W Also people might be interesting on the my comments on the NPCSC response to the CE election
Despite what people might think, the discussion isn't over by a long shot.  
1182 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Joseph Wang 1182 days ago
Joseph W Thanks.  I've created a document with my notes on
Feel free to let anyone know about this.

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