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Panda C

918 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Saren Arterius , Panda C 918 days ago
Saren A Bad Cops Recorder
  • What
  • An open source Android app that records and uploads bad cops (a.k.a. 黑警) and their misconducts in real-time.
  • Why
  • Helps the local activists to protect themselves.
  • The activists might try to film the bad cops using video recorder.
  • Since  the bad cops might CONFISCATE your phone and DELETE the related videos, or even DESTROY your phone, the recorded video must be uploaded in real-time. 
  • This app might also helps in other emergency situations.
  • Github repo
  • Contains a totally non-functional app. Nothing interesting inside there.
  • Resolved problems
  • Uploading video in real-time
Panda C
  • Google Hangout ?
  • How do one get the videos for evidence as use?
"It will be recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel."
Saren A
  • Nice idea, will take a look after dinner
  • I can't find Android api anywhere :unamused:  
  • Uploading video in real-time
  • YouTube Live
  • Requires 100 subs. Not everyone owns a YouTube account nor has 100 subs.
  • Ustream
  • No visible broadcasting API. 
  • And why not just advertise it on the activists' forum?
  • Record 1 second of the video, then uploading it to GDrive / Dropbox in background. Repeat. 
  • Starting / Stopping the MediaRecorder seems expensive.
  • Does GDrive / Dropbox's rate limit system prevents this?
  • Constantly record the video, and upload them constantly.
  • by using cloud storage services' REST APIs / Android APIs. 
  • OR to the user's self-hosted FTP server / RTSP / whatever server.
  • Problems:
  • GDrive / Dropbox seems not to be showing incomplete video uploads
  • If the recorder not stopped gracefully, the MP4 file might be corrupted.
  • "Moov atom"
  • Makes this MP4 file still playable?
  • How to add this thing to the app?
  • Constantly captures every frame from camera's SurfaceView, then upload them to GDrive / Dropbox / self-hosted  file server. Also, record the audio 1  second and do the same thing.
  • (More possibly) Does GDrive / Dropbox's rate limit system prevents this?
  • FivoFilm is this app's predecessor. It did what this app meant to do.
  • FivoFilm uses Dropbox as file stroage backend.
  • Obtaining FivoFilm cost $USD 2.
  • But why not just advertise FivoFilm on the activists' forum?
  • It's Illegal / not ethical to reverse engineer without permission.
  • "It will be recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel."
  • Android API?
  • Possible improvements
  • Wifi Direct P2P system (When no internet connection)

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