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Shepherd Ng

1131 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Shepherd Ng 1131 days ago
好像Captcha的把監察院的資料一筆一筆的數位化, 只花極短時間便完成了大量資料的整理
1117 days ago
Tackle with Rumours
Mart V Occupy Central with Friends & Family (OCFF)
Mobile app to list your friends which are currently at a protest site
  • Well-intentioned kids walk around with signs reading 'its a protest, not a party', but now that the government is playing the waiting game, the greatest threat to the movement is boredom, not a police crackdown. 
  • Occupy Central with Friends & Family is a mobile app which just lists the three main protest sites and checks your Facebook friends to see who is currently at the site. Initially we can just use check-ins and the Lat-Long of the posts, but later iterations can check messages for references to the protest sites as well as use ML on photos to locate people.
  • Needs:
  • Back-end to pull in facebook feed data and parse out the location for FB friends
  • Mobile phone UI which lists MK, CWB and GovHQ headings with the friend's avatars
  • Clicking on a friend profile icon opens up a Facebook Chat with them in the messenger app.
Interested? please contact Mart van de Ven
:( Idea seems severely hampered by Facebook's change in permission settings. You can no longer get /me/friends and get their messages without getting their prior approval.
Interested? please contact Mart van de Ven
Cheung H
  • Using Trello API
  • how to invite editors?
  • self invited but need approval! (personal connections)
  • send invite link (may be)
  • how to submit rumors
  • how do editors work on rumors?
  • free flow
  • anyone can indicate they are working
  • status/list
  • inbox
  • processing
  • processed
  • confirmed yes
  • confirmed no
  • can't verify
  • unverified
  • no conclusion
Telegram feed to Google Spreadsheet
Mart V Resources & Logistics Tracker
Sarah L Solidarity with Hong Kong
Map solidarity protests around the world
Need people to add new protest locations/photos as they come in
Shepherd N 罷課不罷學
  • 減低持續停課對學生/學校的影響
  • 免被反佔中人士以此詬病
  • 建立一套可行有效的非傳統教育方式
1117 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Shepherd Ng 1117 days ago
Shepherd N 罷課不罷學
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  • 減低持續停課對學生/學校的影響
  • 免被反佔中人士以此詬病
  • 建立一套可行有效的非傳統教育方式
  • 灣仔 
  • 中西區
  • 遙距教學
  • 搜尋/建立可用資源
  • 為受影響教師設計一套「How to」指引
  • 反轉教室
  • 聯繫及組織影響學校教師製作教學影片/線上練習/評估
  • 集中及整理影片
  • 設置場所/網站予學生提出問題/討論並讓教師回覆
  • 流動教室

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