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1033 days ago
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The following report outlines the services I fulfilled to support the development of CODE4HK.  By observing and working with CODE4HK core team, I have also made some recommendations they can consider for the plan forward. The purpose of my contract is to:
  • Support CODE4HK with hack night setup and execution
  • Facilitate conversation between CODE4HK and government partner on potential fellowship program
  • Support CODE4HK leadership in developing strategic plan
  • Support CODE4HK leadership in developing messaging strategy
1039 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Amy Mok 1039 days ago
  • Marketing material
  • slides to introduce CODE4HK to get the messages across
  • website, facebook pages
  • Who is your target audience?  Do you really want to just focus on IT people?
  • If not, your message should be more inclusive, like when you say "Social Change By Code", you are already getting rid of everyone that doesn't know how to code
  • How to present yourself (voice, tone, speed, message), the main point you should bring out when you talk to others, and this should be the same from everyone in curator team:
  • volunteer
  • help public as a whole
  • being the bridge to use tech for social good you can emphasize on how you are passionate people
  • using your spare time to make a difference in hk

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