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560 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by CF Tong 560 days ago
  • 概要

479 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Wai Nickel Lam 479 days ago
Wai L Hi, would it be possible to extract all 老人院 addresses in HK?
576 days ago
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Chen C 香港版落選運動
  • 概要
  • 注意事項
  • 宣傳內容需基於事實,交由社會大眾公評,此運動只是輔助大眾公評的角色
  • 尚需有對香港相關法律較熟悉的人,處理過程可能被他方挑起的法律問題
  • 步驟及方法
  • 集合數個社運團體,票選欲追求連任的現任立法會議員,何者的提案及表決對民生議題影響甚大,列為落選優先目標。
  • 大臺北地區的人口規模與香港差不多,建議設定目標也以三位立法會議員為佳,視志工人數充沛與否可再討論是否增減額
  • 提出各落選議員的立法會的表決與發言記錄
  • 按議題或統整成單張資料發放,單張上的資料須引自立法會的表決與發言記錄
  • 資料擷取重點輸出成大型海報或掛街橫額
  • 選民資料與結構分析
  • 近年選舉資料 (e.g. 區議會選舉資料)
  • 街頭行動
  • 單張發放
  • 掃街遊行
  • 臺灣曾經製作大型海報掛於街頭讓民眾表態支持落選或連任,此法亦可參考以聚集人氣
626 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Ys Hung 626 days ago
657 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Chun Yin Vincent Lau 657 days ago
Inspired by the "Bridge" in http://designerfund.com/
Chun L Benefits 
- guest: meet potential partners/hires 
- members: learn and meet
661 days ago
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Unfiled. Edited by Zekta Chan 661 days ago
Zekta C So this support for markdown and collective editing, great tools, and the HackrFolder iby g0v is the front end for the index page?
Btw, I would really want to know where code4hk is heading... So, the editing I am doing would be mail to everyone as well. sounds Mmm intrusive..
668 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by Chun Yin Vincent Lau 668 days ago
  • ???
Chun L
  • Calculator
Goal 1: to promote the athelet
Goal 2:to promote food sport concept
  • too demotivate if just shiw results?
  • use gif to show capacity?

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